2D and 3D Artist

About me

HI! My name is Dallas, I've been an artist for the past 6 or so years. I'm fairly new to commissions so pardon any lack of professionalism. There will be times where I may take longer to complete your comm due to me focusing on my studies. I've been doing avatar work for the past year and over the past 6 or so months ive been learning blender. I love seeing people's characters come to life.

ContactsDiscord: Sultan Floof#9052Socials: all of my Socials are sultanfloof


For my 3D work I offer Vrchat avatar retextures, Vrchat Model edits (minor edits) and 3D sculpts

Vrchat Avatar Retexture Info
I have a few different Styles of retextures.

  • Simplistic

  • Stylized Fluff

  • Simplistic Shaded

  • Furbrush

Examples of Each Type


Stylized Fluff

Simple Shaded

Before Shading

After Shading



What I Offer

  • Reference Sheet

  • Painting

  • Scene Illustration

  • Badges

  • Headshot

  • Character sheets

  • Character Design

  • Icon

  • Lockscreen

Terms Of Service

I take all of my payments over Paypal. If you for whatever reason can't send money through there, we can discuss other methods.
If I haven't started on your commission at all or I have barely started, then you will get a full refund. If I'm mostly done with texturing, then I will not Issue a refund. If you ask for any major changes to the model/texture after I have almost finished your commission, or finished your commission, you will be charged extra.
How long will it take?
Typically I take around 2-3 Weeks on a commission whether it be 2D or 3D. During the average school year your commission may take longer due to my studies, but rest assure your commission will get done. If you want a deadline for 2D and or 3D art I will charge extra because you would jumping ahead in my queue.
My Work Hours:
I typically work on commissions from 10am to 12pm EST. If you send me any message outside of work hours, then I won't get back to you until the next day.
Updates about your Commission:
I will try my best to update you on your commission as frequently as I can. If you have any questions let me know.
Getting your Commission to you:
2D:After I've completed your commission I'll send you the image via Gmail. I tend to share all my work on social media so let me know if you'd like me to not do so.
3D: I will send your commission over google drive for you to upload. If no unity work is required I will send you the texture work over Gmail. If need be I can upload the avatar to your account.

3D Prices


Simple Design: 70+ USD
Complicated Design: 80+ USD
Opt. Fluffy texturing: 25 USD
Simple Design: 95+ USD
Complicated Design: 100 USD
Simple Design: 90+ USD
Complicated Design: 100+ USD
Texture Edits
Simple edit: 20 USD
(For terms of shading all shading that is done is by hand)

Blender Work

Model Reshapes: 250 USDAdditional Parts: 100+ USD
(Additional parts Include adding stuff like: Horns,Fluff,Wings,Spikes and stuff of that nature)

Vrchat Avatar Can and Can't dos

Can Do

  • Item Toggles $2 per extra toggle

  • Gesture Toggle $5 for this

  • Emmission Maps

  • PhysBone work $2 for extra physbones/colliders(I.E. Floor colliders)

  • Clothing Toggle $5 Additional articles of clothing

  • Quest Compatibility

  • NSFW Avatar 20 USD added on

  • If there's something that isn't here and you want to know more feel free to ask me!

Can't Do

  • Nothing hateful

  • Animations from scratch (I.E. intro animations)

3D Sculpts

Headshot + Render
price: 80 USD
whats included: 5-6 renders of the Model at different angles, The files for the model sent as a .STL file and Texture.
Additional Renders: 5 USD per extra render
Bust + Render
price: 100 USD
whats included: 5-6 renders of the Model at different angles, The files for the model sent as a .STL file and Texture.
Additional Renders: 5 USD per extra render
Halfbody + Render
price: 150 USD
whats included: 5-6 renders of the Model at different angles, The files for the model sent as a .STL file and Texture.
Additional Renders: 5 USD per extra render
Fullbody + Render
price: 200 USD
whats included: 5-6 renders of the Model at different angles, The files for the model sent as a .STL file and Texture.
Additional Renders: 5 USD per extra render
Additional Information:for each of these options you have to describe what you want done or give me some form of guidelines. for the included renders give me a general tone you want for each or just give me a song! These types of Comms take me 3-4 days to complete.

2D Prices

Reference Sheet
Front & Back: 70 USD
-Outfits: 20 USD per outfit
-Expressions: 15 USD per
-Accessories: 10 USD per
-Additional Poses: 50 USD per

PaintingFullbody: 100 USD
Halfbody: 60 USD
Bust: 40 USD
Additional Character:
-Fullbody: 80 USD per
-Halfbody: 30 USD per
-Bust: 25 USD per

Scene IllustrationSimple environment: 80 USD
-shaded +20 USD
Complex environment: 150 USD
-Shaded +50 USD
Drawn over a picture: 80 USD
Additional Characters: 50 USD per

Fullbody: 50 USD
Halfbody: 40 USD
Headshot: 30 USD
-Shading +20 USD
Fullbody: 60 USD
Halfbody: 50 USD
Headshot: 40 USD
-Shaded +20 USD

Sketch: 25 USD
- colored +5 USD
Lined & Colored: 40 USD
Shaded: 45

Character Page
Sketch: 60 USD
Lined: 70 USD
Shaded: 90 USD
Optional things:
-Extra drawings 30 USD per
-Theme: 20 USD

(Each page has 3 drawings at base price)

Character Design
Front Design: 60 USD
Front and Back design: 80 USD

Sketch: 20 USD
Lined and colored: 30 USD
Shaded: 40 USD

Fullbody: 90 USD
Halfbody: 70 USD
Additional Character: 50 USD per
Complex Background: 30 USD

Models I own

You have to own the model your commissioning me for

If you or I don't have the base you want you have to pay for it along with your commission price

  • Bubble Gum Bark Canine

  • Best Boy

  • Rexouium Evolved By Tosca

  • Aqua Beast by cryptideyeball

  • Tiger Bee by Tokyozilla

  • Puppy by Skip4D + DLC

  • Angel Dragon by Meelo

  • Fluffy Dog by Irix

  • Taidum by Irix

  • Santiago Fox by LatinVixen

  • Anthro Worm by Avislime

  • Nardoragon by Nardo

  • King Wickerbeast by JinA

  • Rexouium by Rezillo Ryker

  • Awtter by ShadeTheBat

  • Kirin by HaruuMakkii

  • Chimera Eclipse by lackofbindings

  • Tropical Kangaroo by Tropical Creatures

  • Julia Winterpaw Canine New

  • Hyena by Bento

  • Gremlin by toastador

  • Idog by CursedPoss

  • Canis Woof by Rezillo Ryker

  • Chipori by Hobbert

  • Mantled Beast by Nicoreda

  • Kobodal by Nicoreda

  • Chibi Kobodal by Nicoreda

  • Neon Wuff by WuffWick

  • Hyenid by Alber

  • Kitavali by Rai Kitamatsu

  • Julia Winterpaw's Feline avatar

  • Chaos Canine+DLC By Zawoo

  • WereDeity By Issac B

  • Lorc'Avali By Lorcan the avali

  • Gryphon Base by Zairiza Customs

  • Cobra Base by Zairiza Customs

  • BGB Parasaur By BubbleGum Bark

  • Fox Box by Weasel Gear

  • Floof Kitty By UnlikelyFloof

  • Big Cat by Tosca

  • Caracat By Tosca

  • VRC Wolf Avatar by Tosca

  • Cat VRC by Tosca

  • Rexouium Evolved By Tosca

  • Zurcrose By Hirozu